Heating Emergency at American Steakhouse

January 12, 2012

When American Steakhouse in Norwalk had a rooftop unit heater malfunction. They had a dining room full of customers that was getting colder by the minute. They called Controlled Air for help. Our…

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Service and Maintenance

December 12, 2011

Service contracts and preventative maintenance are very beneficial to your equipment and your piece of mind. The equipment that is covered under the contract will be kept cleaned and maintained to run at…

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About Eco Company for Teens

November 2, 2011

Eco Company TV for Teens Although not necessarily part of our field. I found this program for teens worthy of sharing, Eco Company TV. The program is a national tv and website run,…

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Remember to Change Your Air Filters

October 25, 2011

Remember to Change Your Air Filters Air filters within your heating and air conditioning system are easy to forget; you don’t see them, and there are no warnings when they are dirty, but…

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Energy Efficiency Funding in Connecticut versus Federal

October 16, 2011

Energy Efficiency Funding in Connecticut versus Federal It is hard to tell what direction energy efficienct funding will go. The Federal Government may be making huge cuts to energy efficiency and green technology…

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Section 15189 – HVAC

September 22, 2011

15189 HVAC Water Treatment  Part 1: General 1.01  This section sets forth the minimum requirements for HVAC WATER TREATMENT used on University building renovations or new construction. 1.02 This section includes water-treatment systems…

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Winter/Fall Maintenance

September 6, 2011

It is time once again for fall and winter maintenance to begin. The benefits of completing regular maintenance are: avoiding failure and downtime, continued employee comfort, as well as preventing shutdown of critical…

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Fall Hydronic Water Cleaning

August 24, 2011

Controlled Air highly recommends the cleaning of a hydronic system to provide the best heat transfer and longevity of the system. Any closed loop system, that has water under pressure and recirculates it…

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Programmable Thermostats

August 17, 2011

Not all programmable thermostats are created equal. They can range in price from $40 – $300. The difference in price is based on the capabilities of the thermostat. Your basic programmable thermostat varies…

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Emergency Service

July 22, 2011

Hopefully you never find yourself in a heating or air conditioning emergency, but someday you may. We want you to know that we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a…

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The Importance of Coil Cleaning

July 13, 2011

Did you forget something? Everyday we rush around trying to accomplish things on our schedule. There are many devices that help us from an old fashion list to smart phones. The purpose is…

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ISO 50001

June 23, 2011

The new ISO 50001 Standards were just released this month. These standards replace the Federal Standards recommendations for Energy Management Systems (EMS). These standards are not required but make some important and intutitive…

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