Harmful Habits to Your HVAC System: Thermostat Settings, FACTS

December 29, 2017

Raising and lowering the thermostat significantly does not heat or cool the air faster Unless you have Variable Air Volume (VAV), which would vary air flow to your system they only work at one speed. Lowering…

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Harmful Habits to Your HVAC: Failing to change your Air Filters Regularly

December 22, 2017

Filters play an essential role in the proper operation of any HVAC system. Changing or cleaning air filters helps prevent many larger issues, improves energy efficiency and function of the system. Failing to…

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Sharon Hospital Pharmacy Controls System

Sharon Hospital

December 14, 2017

Sharon Hospital Pharmacy upgrades required compliance with state and federal regulations for air flow, pressure and humidity. As any pharmacy must be a cleanroom as defined in ISO standard 14644, “a room in…

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New England Air Museum Building Design Complications

December 8, 2017

From Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems “DESIGN AND BUILDING COMPLICATIONS The New England Air Museum had not been air conditioned until it underwent a massive re-model which replaced the current heating system and added…

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory Controls

December 7, 2017

Controlled Air, Inc. installed a Building Control System (BMS) for a pharmaceutical laboratory and office building allowing for proper operation and sequencing. The BMS was integrated with installed mechanical and process equipment. The…

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Castle Rock Condominiums Roof Top Change Out

Castle Rock Condominiums

November 9, 2017

The Castle Rock Condominium project will be done in two phases. There are a total of 45 roof tops units that require replacement. We recently replaced 23 and will complete the change out…

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The Endoscopy Center, Hamden CT

Endoscopy Center

October 27, 2017

The Endoscopy Center was a large job with a very quick turn-around. A project of this size would typically take 3-4 weeks to complete but because of the requirements of the center we…

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Verizon Cell Tower Upgrades

Cell Tower Upgrades for Verizon

October 10, 2017

We are providing air conditioning replacements and upgrades to remote based cell sites all over Connecticut. Many of these replacements are custom design build to fit specific locations such as basements, roofs or…

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Preparing For Storm Season

October 5, 2017

Hurricane Straps/Clips Hurricane straps are designed to secure a rooftop unit to a roof curb. By doing this, the rooftop unit is more likely to withstand high wind gusts, thereby reducing the chance…

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Kerite, Seymour installation of new RTU installation


September 14, 2017

Controlled Air, Inc. removed six old 25-ton rooftop units. Six new, high efficiency Carrier 25-ton units which were installed, as well as smoke detectors, control wiring, and condensate drain piping. The new units…

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New England Air Museum Air Conditioning

New England Air Museum

September 6, 2017

New England Air Museum has been a customer of Controlled Air, Inc. for a few years now. In this latest project, we added air conditioning to two buildings where airplanes are displayed. What…

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HVAC Summer maintenance

Summer HVAC Maintenance and Service

August 4, 2017

Regular Summer Maintenance helps your system run efficiently and with less problems. When you have a service contract with Controlled Air, Inc. we check your systems seasonally to make sure they are running…

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