30th Anniversary of EPA’s Climate Partnership Programs

EPA 30 Climate Partner

30th Anniversary Celebration

We’re thrilled to be able to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in celebrating the 30th anniversary of @EPA’s first voluntary climate initiative, Green Lights. #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

30 years ago, @EPA launched its first voluntary climate partnership program: Green Lights. Today, we are one among tens of thousands of organizations that are voluntarily reducing emissions by partnering with EPA. #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

Facts and Figures

We’ve been proud to be an ENERGY STAR climate partner since 2012. In 2019, we and tens of thousands of other organizations voluntarily cut 530 million metric tons of GHGs—equal to 8% of all U.S. GHG emissions that year! #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

EPA partnership programs such as ENERGY STAR, GreenChill, SmartWay, and others have helped American families and businesses save $500 billion over the past 30 years. #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

In 2019, more than 800,000 Americans were employed in manufacturing or installing ENERGY STAR certified equipment—accounting for roughly 35% of all energy efficiency jobs. #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

EPA’s Green Power Partners account for nearly 40% of the total voluntary green power market, which itself was nearly as large in 2019 as new, non-hydro demand from renewable portfolio standards. #30climate Learn more: epa.gov/30climate

Supporting Statements

We are committed to tackling the climate crisis and leading the way to a clean energy economy. #30climate
Through our partnership with @EPA, we’re delivering real climate solutions that makes good business sense. #30climate
The work that we do in partnership with @EPA results in smart solutions that not only strengthen our business but improve the lives of people and the health of our planet. #30climate