Design Build

Our engineers are experienced at solving every kind of building environment and facility management challenges. We meet with you to discuss your goals, objectives and plans for growth. We then apply our technical knowledge to your unique set of requirements. Our engineers produce a working plan that gives you the quality and flexibility you need to create the productive working environment you want.

Controlled Air, Inc. specialists can design environmental and sustainable energy systems for any building or complex. Cost-efficient heating and cooling units and co-generation systems are our specialty. Complete digital control systems come with installation enclosures and pneumatic interfaces.

Everything you need can be included to implement building wide strategies for comfort and facility management including a full complement of sensors, valves, dampers and actuators, all easily programmable and accessible from a central workstation. Computerized controls can quickly, easily and reliably regulate amount, temperature and quality of air in your facility.

Controlled Air, Inc. is your best resource for up-to-date information, design excellence, superior products and unparalleled service.