Closed Circuit Cooler Replacement

Evapco Cooler

Controlled Air, Inc. recently replaced an Evapco Cooler with an Evapco closed circuit cooler. The new Evapco cooler has low fan sound, an easy-to-maintain drive system, and a swing-out motor. We also installed a new VFD one-source power control panel with an integral variable frequency fan drive. Additionally, the steel supports were replaced so that…

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River Road, Shelton

River Road VRF Installation Cassette

The River Road project is a new construction office complex. They wanted to provide comfort, efficiency and temperature management to all office locations. It was a custom design build project in which Controlled Air, Inc. performed all calculations and engineering required. We installed a VRF system  with variable speed  compressors for heating and cooling on…

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1010 Washington Blvd, Stamford Roof Top Unit Replacement

1010 Washington Blvd, Stamford RTU Replacement

We replaced a 105-ton RTU, reconnected controls and balanced the unit. Because of the size of the unit and the height of the building, the replacement was performed over the weekend and we had to close down a city block. See Our Entire Client Showcase Our Specialties Service & Maintenance Contracts Cogeneration & Microgrids Surgical…

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Knotter Drive

350 Knotter Drive Controlled Air Installation

The Knotter office building required a complete rebuild. The front entry needed to be redesigned because they had taken over the whole building and previously there had been multiple companies within the space. The heating and cooling was a challenge because the entryway was made mostly of glass, making so traditional heating and cooling could…

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55 Farmington Ave., Hartford

55 Farmington Ave. began as a basic, but large project with a tenant fit out and rehabilitation for a state owned 12-story building. The building was being renovated for 10 state agencies to relocate. There were major time constraints on this project, which began in December, and needed to be completed by June 1. We…

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80 Glastonbury HVAC System

80 Glastonbury Controls System

The building is a 60,000 Sq ft brick three story office building constructed in 1988. The original HVAC system consisted of two original Trane natural gas heat, DX Cooling, 75 Ton RTU’s. The air was distributed via fan powered electric reheat VAV boxes. The original HVAC units were two 75 ton 8.26 EER Trane RTU’s. They had inlet vane…

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Holly Hill Office Space

Holly Hill Office Building RTU Replacement

Holly Hill Office Building had an Old Baltimore ejector tower. The tower had no fans and only a high-pressure pump leading it to be inefficient and expensive to run. The new cooling tower was taller than the old tower, so before installation we had to present to Planning and Zoning proving that the new tower…

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Centre of Greenwich

Centre of Greenwich Piping

The Centre at Greenwich needed to replace old outdated and low capacity equipment. The problem was that while needing a higher capacity unit, size was an issue. The town of Greenwich requires that nothing can be viewable from the street. We found a Evapco 600 ton-cooling tower that was the same size. The new unit…

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IAE Office Space

This amazing remodel included variable speed air handlers and sensors that read the room occupancy. The room sensors control the temperature and air speed, so that when the room is empty no energy is wasted. With shallow ceiling to deck space customized soffits and duct work was required to make the system work and look…

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Carters Roof Top Unit

Carters Rigging by Controlled Air

Carters had a malfunctioning 15-ton heating & cooling rooftop unit. The existing unit had a defective heat exchanger, defective compressor and a refrigerant leak within the condenser. We reclaimed the R-22 per EPA guidelines and removed the old equipment. We then furnished a new high efficiency American Standard RTU with adapter curb and 100% outside…

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Felner Corporation

338 Felner Office Building RTU Installation

Felner Corporation is a regular customer of ours. In this job we are replacing 20 roof top units over time. We priced out both regular efficiency and high efficiency units before beginning installation. We were able to get them a rebate on the high efficiency units of $250 per ton, making the energy efficient unit…

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