Go Green, Avoid Outages and Save Money

One of our partners, Exergy Energy, is hosting a series of webinars of on energy efficiency. Webinar Series: Chapter 1: The Basics (Wednesday June 17, 2 PM Eastern) Chapter 2: Free Backup Generator (Wednesday June 24, 2 PM Eastern) Chapter 3: Batteries vs Backup Generator (Wednesday July 1, 2 PM Eastern) Chapter 4: Free Battery…

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Vin Chiocchio Speaking at the Executive Energy Summit, September 2018

In this video our president, Vin Chiocchio spoke at the Executive Energy Summit about energy efficient equipment, energy modeling and ways to finance upgrades . He spoke along side Elena Cahil, President of Globele and Alex Discepolo of Globele Advisors. This is the second executive energy summit held, with the information being updated based on…

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Fall Executive Energy Summit

Executive Energy Summit

The Executive Energy Summit is the second event this year which covers energy efficient technologies and their impact on your business environment. There will be multiple speakers including Vin Chiocchio, which will cover a variety of topics that will help you make informed decisions about upgrades to your building environment. The Executive Energy Summit is…

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globele Executive Energy Summit

Energy Summit April 2018

On January 25, 2018, Vin Chiocchio joined with globelé Energy for the Executive Energy Summit. In this three hour long event 4 speakers in the energy field spoke about a variety of topics to educate about energy efficiency for commercial buildings. The Executive Energy Summit was prepared especially for executive management professionals to assist in…

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