Energy Solutions for a Sustainable World

Controlled Air and Yanmar Together Offer:

  • Value – energy solutions solve business and life interruptions
  • We provide boutique energy solutions through our partnerships and in-house knowledge.
  • We collaborate with your local teams to develop turnkey energy, microgrid and nanogrid solutions from 35kw to 3MW.
  • Leverage all incentives and credits to lower initial costs.
  • Control utility costs, improve reliability.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions – lower your carbon footprint.


  • We gather data to develop a concept for solution, including High level engineering review – feasibility, possibility.
  • Concept developed, equipment selected and evaluation for savings completed.
  • Preparation of initial customer concept proposal. Meetings and feedback from customer.
  • For customers out of our direct service area, we will work with local companies to price mechanical, electrical quotes, and make sure there is a local dealer to supervise.
  • We collaborate to develop budget proposal for review, customer ROI study, and finalize proposal.
  • We provide management supervision of site work, commissioning, installation of the energy solution.
  • Hand over solution to customer after testing and utility verification

Single Building Micro grids/Nano grids

  • High utility costs and unreliable energy supply place unnecessary stress on buildings and business.
  • Replacing or repairing out of date systems only provides more of the same.
  • Hybrid Energy Solutions are required to retro fit old buildings or create state of the art new buildings. It's not just patching up existing infrastructure.
  • Cogeneration, solar and batteries can be combined with HVAC and controls to create nanogrid in a single building where energy use and outages are a concern. 
  • Nano-grids can run in island mode during black-outs, fully disconnected from the grid. 
  • We utilize full scale microgrid systems, miniaturized to manage and incorporate multiple energy technologies to meet the needs of each specific customer, and installed in a single building.
  • Nanogrids can be installed in new construction, as well as updating older inefficient buildings.
  • These nanogrids allow for smaller high energy use buildings to remain operational during outages, as well as providing heat, hot water and electricity for daily use. 
NanoGrid 04-05-23


Solar Thermal


Industrial production of lettuce and greens. Closed light large greenhouse with grown lettuce.

Indoor Agriculture

Modern apartment building along a street on a clear autumn morning

Nursing Homes & Senior Living

Swimming pool with race tracks or lanes

Pools & Recreational Facilities

Vacant Silicon Valley office building, Sunnyvale, California

Office Buildings


Hospitals & Surgery Centers

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