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Conventional water heaters are often thermodynamically wasteful because fuel burning at temperatures greater than 2500°F produces only low-grade energy ¬– hot water at 150°F to 200°F. With systems that burn natural gas (or propane) to heat water this can mean excessive energy consumption, particularly when combined with the purchase of buying electricity from a utility.

Controlled Air, Inc. can help design a more cost-efficient system employing the use of cogeneration Modules.

Through cogeneration, high-temperature combustion produces both hot water and valuable electric power. Thermal performance is comparable to conventional water heaters, but in addition, 26% of the fuel's energy is converted into high-grade electrical energy. The combined electrical and heating efficiency is 83%. Utilization of the fuel's energy potential, both high-grade and low-grade, is maximized.

In this system, gas is burned in an efficient internal combustion engine designed for long-term industrial use. The engine drives a generator to produce electricity while simultaneously making hot water from engine reject heat. Therefore, the cogeneration module can produce electricity and hot water for the price of purchased electricity alone.

Controlled Air, Inc. can provide cogeneration units ranging in size from 30 kW to 650 kW. Applications include hospitals, schools and colleges, athletic clubs, swimming pools, hotels & motels, apartments and condos and food & beverage environments.

cogeneration systems are cost-effective, highly reliable, easy to maintain, compact and quiet.

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How Cogeneration Works

How Cogeneration Works

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