Green Building

Ice Thermal Storage

Ice Thermal Storage uses tanks to store ice that can be used during peak demand periods to cool. Ice is created during the evening when electricity is at its most inexpensive and it is most efficient to generate and deliver. The ice is then melted during daytime peak periods to cool the building. Air Conditioning can be one of the highest energy costs for a building during peak summer hours. Thermal storage can reduce peak daytime demand for electricity and can cut cooling costs 20-40%. Thermal energy storage also helps buildings earn LEED Certification and helps meet energy code requirements. Furthermore, thermal storage has a high ROI, reduces source energy consumption, reduces emissions, and can make renewable resources such as wind and solar more viable.

Our president, Vincent Chiocchio, designed and installed one of the first "Ice Storage" systems in Connecticut. Contact us to find out if ice thermal storage might be a viable option for your commercial building.

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