Johnson Controls Innovation Award

On Friday, November 13, 2009, Controlled Air, Inc. received the Johnson Controls Award for a Leader in Innovation for the Northeast Region.

Johnson Controls created the innovation award to honor businesses that represent the best in business innovation. Johnson Controls itself is recognized as a company for leading technology. They have continually won awards for clean technology and energy efficient innovation. Johnson Controls is one of the original members of the United States Green Building Council and have twice won the Energy Star Award.

This year Johnson Controls recognized Controlled Air for their innovation in business during the current economic times and their dedication to green building technology. Only two businesses received this award and Controlled Air is the only contractor. Steve Monkiewicz from Johnson Controls states, “Controlled Air has stood out from the other contractors because despite the current economy they have continued to grow and differentiate themselves by focusing on green building technology.”

Controlled Air is a member of the Connecticut Green Building Council and continues to focus their efforts on the newest green and energy efficient equipment and building technologies in the Air Conditioning and heating field. They develop custom systems for their clients that have high ROI and reduce the impact on the environment. Currently the President and one sales manager are LEED accredited with more employees in the process of accreditation.  The president, Vincent Chiocchio, often educates other companies about LEED accreditation and encourages LEED certification in commercial and residential buildings.

Controlled Air is also working with the local utility companies to help commercial customers upgrade their systems while taking advantage of rebates, grants, and tax incentives currently available.

Controlled Air takes innovation seriously. Vincent Chiocchio, President, says, “We look at every system option, consider efficiency, first time cost, indoor environmental quality and maintenance. We create innovative HVAC systems that provide solutions to a specific building’s needs, and never accept problems designed into a building.”