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Controlled Air, Inc, is now an authorized dealer for Porta-fab enclosures. Porta-fab products allow us to design and build critical environments such as:  cleanrooms, data rooms, security enclosures, environmental rooms, temperature and humidity sensitive rooms. PortaFab’s modular walls can be installed quickly and cleanly, with no mess or construction debris.

Modular Architectural Cleanroom Systems

Three Unique Systems


Designed to meet the specifications of cleanroom environments, CleanLine is an all-purpose system featuring 2”, 3” and 4-5/8” thick wall systems that can utilize a wide variety of wall panels. This system can be used to outfit existing facilities or create freestanding envelope structures.


  • Load-bearing Systems
  • Unlimited Wall Panel Options
  • In-Stud Wiring / Utility Raceways
  • Heights up to 24’ Tall
  • 3 Integrated Ceiling Options
  • 4 Integrated Window Options
  • Non-progressive Construction


Designed primarily for the microelectronics and nanotech industries, FabLine systems are ideal for applications with significant bulkheading requirements or environments that require non-outgassing, non-shedding, and anti-static wall systems.


  • Extensive Bulkheading Flexibility
  • Support for Process/Utilities
  • Batten System for Interior Partitions
  • Gasketing Options
  • Anti-static Wall Panels
  • Furring Walls


PharmaSystem is designed for life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications that require a flush wall surface with
radius corners for ease of cleaning. Wall panels feature non-porous surfaces with architectural finishes that withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemical solutions.


  • Completely Flush Panel System
  • Cavity Wall Design
  • Fully Integrated Aseptic Envelope
  • Integrated Flush Ceiling & Window Systems
  • Radius Coving
  • Easy Process Integration

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