Recommendations for Parts Replacement

Contributed by Dave Eger, HVAC Support Manager
Why we recommend replacing parts that are working?
One of our goals as your HVAC service provider is to help eliminate service calls, especially major failures such as compressor replacements. On a regular basis, we review in detail, catastrophic failures. When we first started this process many years ago we saw failures caused by simple components. One example is a $75.00 contactor; the contacts had corroded and welded shut. This forced the compressor to stay running constantly, never shutting off. In this case the compressor failed, resulting in a repair that cost over $5,000.00.

Through our analysis, we have assembled a list of items that if failure occurs can cause additional issues with your system. Our service technicians are trained to review these items during a preventive maintenance and to recommend replacing them at any sign of wear or possible failure.

We recommended replacing these items before they fail because our experience tells us if we wait, the possibility of additional failures is high.

There are times when major failures cannot be avoided. Age and use of the equipment eventually take their toll. As your HVAC service provider we work hard to make sure that your equipment runs properly and runs past its life expectancy.