Remember to Change Your Air Filters
Air filters within your heating and air conditioning system are easy to forget; you don’t see them, and there are no warnings when they are dirty, but they are important for the life of your equipment and the comfort of employees.

Filters that are not changed regularly enough will eventually stop filtering the air. A plugged filter will sometimes collapse and get pulled out of its filter track. Air can now bypass the filter and accumulate in coils, fan wheels and ductwork. Dirty coils and fan wheels reduce the performance of the equipment.

Secondly, dirty filters can reduce the air flow through a heating or cooling system. Reduced air flow will cause heat exchangers to run hotter and cooling coils to run colder than they were designed to. Uncorrected, this will lead to shortened life expectancy or failure of the equipment.

Filters vary in quality performance and price. Selecting the proper filter to meet the requirements at the most economical price is important. Filter performance is based on required air quality, equipment, and occupancy. Make sure that if you do not have a maintenance contract that you change your filters often based on the requirements of your equipment and facility. This could be as often as once a month to once a year. Clean air filters and proper maintenance will lead to happier employees, customers, and longer equipment life.