Security & HVAC

lock-128Security and HVAC may not be one of the first associations that comes to mind, but it is something that we often consider. There are many instances where security is important during installation or repair of a HVAC systems.

  • Ductwork – Ductwork leaves openings to both the outside and throughout a building. These openings have been used in break-ins and jail break attempts. Usually ductwork openings are small and there is nothing to worry about, but if it is a government, corrections, FBI, Marshalls or commercial building contain highly confidential information it is important to make sure strict security measures are followed. In these buildings where the ductwork is greater then 96 square inches wide, bars are required. Burglar bars are installed into the structure of a building with concrete or welded in place to make them extremely difficult to remove.

U.S.Marshals Service Areas. The U.S.Marshals Service area HVAC system shall be designed for continuous operation and shall be independently controlled and zoned. All ductwork and air circulation openings penetrating the secure area envelope, including prisoner circulation areas, shall be provided with security bars. GSA Requirements

  • Building Controls – Building Controls can be linked with security controls to allow for complete control over any building. This is a special energy management system that ties everything into one location allowing facility managers to monitor both security and the building environment. Building controls combines the ability to see, identify, and act upon critical systems information and possible problems almost as quickly as they occur. Rather than having each part of your HVAC system as a separate entity, controls combines the ability to monitor and operate all of your systems from one place. A Security controls system can include access control, video surveillance & monitoring, digital video recording, control readers, door swipes, and control cards. When the two are combined your energy management system becomes a true building management system with access security and controls for your entire building.
  • copper-theftCopper Theft – Copper theft is on the rise since the downturn in the economy and the increase in the value of copper. Often during the night thieves rip open condensing units and cut the copper lines. It is not always noticed right away, often times only being discovered once the unit is needed. Sometimes theft can be deterred just by moving the unit onto the roof, other times fencing or security is necessary.

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