Spring Maintenance

On average there are 4 maintenances per year. Spring and Fall are the most involved and require the most time.  Spring maintenances typically occur between April1 – July 1. The exact times vary based on the weather and equipment. This year spring maintenances began early because we have had such warm weather. The spring maintenance prepares equipment by making sure everything is clean, greased, and working properly before it is turned on. We have specific checklists for each customer based on their contract and equipment. Some of the items we attend to in the spring include:

  1. Cleaning and filling cooling towers
  2. Turning on chillers
  3. Changing filters & belts
  4. Greasing bearings
  5. checking all electrical systems
  6. Checking refrigerant levels
  7. Basic operational check
  8. Checking pump and fan motors
  9. Punching the tubes in water cooled condensers (we really don’t punch the tubes, it is a process of using a brush to clean copper tubes)
Summer maintenance begins July 1 and typically is less involved then the spring maintenance usually only entailing a basic check and filter changes. Of course this does vary by equipment and industry.