The Importance of High Efficiency Boiler Maintenance

High effciency boiler maintenance
High effciency boiler maintenance

Even new high efficiency boilers need maintenance. Many would think that if you have brand new equipment that you have a few years to wait until maintenance is required. Unfortunately, that is not the case, especially with high efficiency boilers.

Here is an example:

Last winter we received a call for service due to no heat. The customer had a high efficiency boiler which was just over a year old. They had not had any preventative maintenance performed, since its installation earlier in the year. Upon arrival our service tech discovered that components of the boiler had literally melted (see photo above). Upon further inspection it was discovered that the ignitor had failed and someone in the customer's organization was repeatedly resetting the boiler to try and keep it lit. The repeated process caused over-heating and melting of some of the components.

With a preventative maintenance contract this issue could have been avoided, saving money for the organization in the long run. Ignitors and flame rods are replaced yearly during maintenance which would have prevented the occurrence.

During a typical service, we flush the system using a cleaner that removes any build up in the system such as calcification from the condensation.  We also brush the system to further remove any build up that will lead to poor heat exchange or blockages of the fins. The fins in the boiler are checked to make sure they are clean and a tool is run between each fin to remove any build up. Plugged fins can lead to poor heat transfer and hot spots in the boiler heat exchanger.

Even if you have a brand new high efficiency boiler it is important to schedule preventative maintenance. Not only can things breakdown or melt, but a high efficiency boiler that is not properly maintained can be running far lower than the 95% efficiency you expected. The heating season is fast approaching. Having preventative maintenance performed in advance will help to ensure that your equipment is running safely and efficiently.