Energy Efficient Opportunities

Turbocor Compressors

The revolutionary Turbocor compressors are the first totally oil-free, high-speed units designed specifically for the HVAC industry. This aerospace type expertise combines magnetic bearings with variable speed centrifugal compressor technology. The motor shaft magnetically levitates, so there is no friction to slow them down and no oil is required. The no-oil design also greatly improves heat transfer efficiency. These compressors have very competitive full load efficiency and outstanding part load efficiency.  These units also have one-half the maintenance costs of traditional systems. They are made of aluminum and are small, light, and quiet with an approximate 70dBA sound level (conversation level). Turbocor compressors are great for retro-fitting older HVAC units when also replacing the refrigerant with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant recommended by the EPA.

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