Winter/Fall Maintenance

It is time once again for fall and winter maintenance to begin. The benefits of completing regular maintenance are: avoiding failure and downtime, continued employee comfort, as well as preventing shutdown of critical equipment.
The Fall & Winter Maintenance check includes: Inspection and adjustment of equipment for proper operation; replacement of weak or failing components; Inspection and tightening of electrical connections to avoid burnt wires, opened circuits or major failure of electrical motors and components; Chassis inspection to avoid corrosion damage; and draining of exterior water lines to prevent freeze damage and flooding. We work from specific checks list for each maintenance. These lists have been developed over our years of experiences and recommendations from the manufacturers of your equipment.
If we notice any further problems we will always discuss them with you immediately, that way your business avoids any unnecessary downtime. During your maintenance check it is also a good time to ask questions about your equipment, so make of list of things as they come up. Of course you are always welcome to call at any time with questions.