Bridgeport Microgrid

Bridgeport Microgrid

The Bridgeport Microgrid was acquired by Scale Microgrid Solutions in 2021.

Bridgeport Microgrid is a partnership between OR&L Construction in Branford, Controlled Air and Power Island Energy in Jacksonville, Fla.

Controlled Air, Inc. will be in charge of the design build concept. This includes the design and installation of the Congeneration System, chilled water system, controls system, underground piping, and thermal loop for both chilled and hot water.

A microgrid is a power system designed to provide power to buildings continuously, even in times of natural disasters or when the main electrical grid fails.
The project is part of a municipal pilot program launched through the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in 2013.

In addition to providing power to key municipal buildings, Bridgeport’s system will use the generators’ excess heat to provide heating and cooling to City Hall, police headquarters and the nearby Cabaret building.
According to DEEP, Bridgeport microgrid will own the generation for the city’s microgrid.

The microgrid is expected to be operational by July 2017.