Bridgeport Microgrid

The Bridgeport Microgrid was acquired by Scale Microgrid Solutions in 2021.

Bridgeport Microgrid is a partnership between Controlled Air, Inc., OR&L Construction, and Power Island Energy in Jacksonville, Fla. with design assist and professional services from BL Companies. It is one of the first of its kind in Connecticut.

The Microgrid will provide power to key municipal buildings, and the generators’ excess heat will provide heating and cooling to critical facilities at City Hall, police headquarters and Senior center.

Controlled Air, Inc. created the overall design concept of the Microgrid. This includes the design and installation of the Cogeneration System, chilled water system, controls system, underground piping, and thermal loop for both chilled and hot water. O,R, & L was involved with design/build of the overall project and functioned as the main General Contractor. Power Island Energy is the developer, handles financing and administration for the project.

The Microgrid includes a combination of a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system and a stand-by power generator bot from a division of  Centrica Business Solutions North America (formerly known as ENER-G Rudox). Their equipment allowed for the most flexibility to match the requirements of the Microgrid and provided clean, dependable power.

The Microgrid is a combination of CHP system and electrical power network designed to provide continuous power even in times of natural disasters or when the main electrical grid fails. The project is part of a municipal pilot program launched through the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in 2013. Key Bank was the principle financier with secondary financing from CT green bank and grants through DEEP.

The custom engineering by the team worked with Bridgeport’s specific needs and budget. The Microgrid was built with 100% grid redundancy at no cost to the city, with the potential for reducing environmental impact and long term energy costs. Vin Chiocchio of Controlled Air, Inc. expects an approximate ANNUAL ENERGY SAVINGS: of 85,554 MMBtu/Year or a 60% reduction. It’s also the equivalent energy usage of 1,353

vehicles or 381 homes. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction Equivalent: 54 cars or 38 homes.


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