The Elm City Bioscience Center

the Elm City Bioscience building

Controlled Air Inc. provided mechanical design build support to the Elm City Bioscience building infrastructure upgrades located in New Haven. The bioscience building is 113,620 sq ft which includes 8 stories plus a lower level and mechanical penthouse.  The project will be on-going with multiple floors being converted from smaller office spaces to larger open…

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Hartford Hospital Histology

Hartford Hospital Histology Duct

For this project we needed to set up a new lab in an existing hospital space. There was a lot of intricacy, coordination and planning to work inside a functioning hospital that allowed for no downtime. The exhaust fan was 3 floors down and autopsy and tissue sampling was using the same system. Additionally the…

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West Haven Medical Center

During a routine maintenance we discovered defective heat exchangers and inoperative outside air economizers on their roof top units. The defective units included two 5-ton Carrier and one 8.5 ton carrier unit. We installed three new high efficiency Carrier RTUs. The high efficiency units use 30% less power and qualify for $85 per ton plus…

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