Naugatuck High School

Combined Heat and Power Magazine

A recent article in Combined Heat and Power Magazine highlighted an energy project at Naugatuck High School. Controlled Air Inc. worked with Advanced Energy Efficiencies to develop a cogeneration installation that will provide 140 kW of electrical power and 820,000 Btus of hot water supply. Advanced Energy Efficiencies put together a highlight video giving a…

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Fascia’s Chocolate

Fascia Chocolates

Fascia’s Chocolates is a family owned chocolate company located in Waterbury CT. They have been in existence since 1964 and have been winners of multiple awards. As they have grown and their energy demands have increased they decided to make improvements to their existing facility. Advanced Energy Efficiencies and Controlled Air Inc. worked together to…

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings

Controlled Air, Inc, is an active member of CHP EPA Partnership. Each year we submit information about the CHP/Cogeneration project that we complete. In 2015 our six CHP projects have avoided emissions of an estimated 5,720 metric tons of carbon dioxide, compared to conventional energy sources. This includes 2015 avoided emissions of more than 1,490 metric tons,…

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CEFIA Releases RFP for Cogeneration (CHP) Pilot Program

CEFIA is charged with administering a three-year $6 million dollar pilot program. The total funding remaining in the program for all selected projects under this competitive solicitation is $5 million dollars. This program will offer support for projects that are below five megawatts. However, funding will not exceed the equivalent of $450 per kilowatt of…

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Check out our Cogeneration Video

We have mentioned Cogeneration so many times before, but it really is one of our favorite energy efficient forms for heating and cooling. Because of that we made it our first video. We really hope that you find it information and educational. Our goal was really to educate more then anything else. If you have…

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