Endoscopy Center

The Endoscopy Center was a large job with a very quick turn-around. A project of this size would typically take 3-4 weeks to complete but because of the requirements of the center we had to have the job complete within one week.

The project included demolition of older ductwork; installation of  three Aaon units with double wall construction, economizer with DDC actuators, supply fans with VFDs serving multiple procedure and surgery rooms. 95% HEPA filters were required, as well as duct mounted HEPA filters rated at MERV 16 to keep the air safe for surgery and procedures. We also installed four fan powered VAV boxes and modulating steam humidifiers.

A custom exhaust fan was designed to take the air in the dirty rooms and exhaust it out of the stack at a rate of 3000 feet per minute, 10 feet above the roof. The idea behind this is to get it high enough into the atmosphere that when it comes back down it has been diluted to a safe concentration. A cleanroom was also set up to store equipment is a clean environment and prevent contamination.

Johnson Controls DDC controls were installed to control and maintain humidity temperature and constant air volume control. The controls system is a web-based FX-80 Supervisory front-end controller. The controls required over 10,000 feet of wiring.

The project also included plumbing, electrical wiring, structural engineering, certified balancing, start up and testing, and last but not least, our one year warranty on Controlled Air supplied equipment and installation.