Go Green, Avoid Outages and Save Money

One of our partners, Exergy Energy, is hosting a series of webinars of on energy efficiency.

Webinar Series:

Chapter 1: The Basics (Wednesday June 17, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 2: Free Backup Generator (Wednesday June 24, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 3: Batteries vs Backup Generator (Wednesday July 1, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 4: Free Battery (Wednesday July 8, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 5: Is Rooftop solar a good idea? (Wednesday July 15, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 6: Electricity Bills Made Easy. (Wednesday July 22, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 7: Helping Solar and Wind Power Succeed. (Wednesday July 29, 2 PM Eastern)

Chapter 8: Painless Demand Response. (Wednesday August 5, 2 PM Eastern)



Learn The Basics: How to be Green, Resilient and Save Money.

Wednesday June 17, 2 PM Eastern

This introductory session reviews the pieces required to reach your goals to be Green, Resilient, Save Money. Later sessions focus on how acquire the pieces and put them all together.


Free Backup Generator.

Wednesday June 24, 2 PM Eastern.

A backup generator is key piece required to protect your organization with resiliency. Unfortunately, most organizations can’t afford one. Learn how to get one for free.


Batteries vs Backup generator.

Wednesday July 1, 2 PM Eastern.

Batteries are all the rage. Prices have fallen significantly over the past few years, but is a battery the right solution for your resiliency and cost savings needs? Learn which solution makes sense for your organization.


Free Battery for your Business.

Wednesday July 8 2 PM Eastern.

Batteries are expensive, but in certain circumstances the economics are sufficiently compelling to allow Exergy to provide your organization a battery for free. Learn when and how to receive your battery backup system.


Is Rooftop Solar a Good Idea?

Wednesday July 15, 2 PM Eastern.

Most organizations start with rooftop solar. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of demand charges and net metering, rooftop solar often costs more money. There are better, and less expensive, ways to achieve your green goals. Learn more about the options available with Exergy Energy to adopt renewable energy for your organization.


Electricity Bills Made Easy.

Wednesday July 22, 2 PM Eastern.

Ever look at your electricity bill? What are all those charges??? Energy costs have declined for the past few years, but electricity bills continue to increase. Why??? For many, the non-energy costs can total more than half of your organization’s electricity bill. Learn what you are actually paying for, and how to manage it simply with Exergy Energy.


Helping Solar and Wind Power Succeed.

Wednesday July 29, 2 PM Eastern.

Solar and wind are intermittent resources that require other generation to stabilize the grid. Learn how backup generators, batteries, and rooftop solar play an important part in helping renewables succeed.


Painless Demand Response.

Wednesday August 5, 2 PM Eastern.

Reducing your energy demand during peak times sounds like a great idea. But is it worth the operational disruption and intrusion, especially as energy prices continuing to decline? There are better ways to help the grid with Exergy Energy that doesn’t require us shouldering the pain.