St. Thomas More, Darien

In this major renovation we worked alongside A. PappaJohn Company, a contractor located in Norwalk, Connecticut. St. Thomas More required a complete upgrade to the parish facilities. The focus of the renovation activities have been on the installation of the infrastructure to support the numerous systems inside the building which were inefficient and obsolete. The church is temporarily using the parish hall as their place of worship during the renovation.

For this project we began with a complete demolition of old equipment. We then installed a Daikin VRF Heat pump system which included 14 ducted indoor ceiling cassettes, and two outdoor Heat Pumps. As well as one outdoor air handler, and 11 electric wall heaters. The church also requires a Burnham V904A oil-fired knock down boiler with manual reset high limit and low water cut off.

The equipment will be completed integrated with a Johnson Controls FX80 supervisory front-end controller, web based user interface and a BACnet interface to the Johnson Controls BMS system.

Daikin’s systems integrate advanced technology to provide comfort control for maximum energy efficiency and reliability. VRV IV provides a solution for multi-family residential to large commercial applications desiring heating or cooling. The VRV IV is the first variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to be assembled in North America.

BENEFITS of Daikin

  • Can operate up to 41 indoor units on a single piping network
  • Modular and lightweight - enables flexibility in system layout and installation
  • Refrigerant cooled inverted technology to avoid influence from ambient temperatures
  • Integrated inverter technology deliver maximum efficiency during part load conditions and provide precise individual zone control
  • Heat exchanger coil wraps around on all 4 sides of the unit to increase the surface area and efficiency
  • Corrosion resistance 1000hr salt spray tested Daikin PE blue fin heat exchanger
  • Design flexibility with long piping lengths up to 3,280 ft. total and 100 ft. vertical separation between indoor units
  • Designed with reduced MOP to optimize installation cost
  • Digital display on the unit for improved and faster configuration, commissioning, and trouble shooting