Stony Creek Brewery

Stony Creek Brewery was new construction. We worked in combination with Pat Munger Construction and Joseph T Sepot Architects. Controlled Air, Inc. installed 3 gas/electric roof top units with curbs and economizers, 4 ignition gas fired heaters, dampers, one split system, electric baseboard heating, duct work distribution system, piping, controls and controls wiring. What was unique for this project is that the duct work is exposed throughout the building. We needed to pay special attention to the fabrication and layout of the duct work so that it meshed with the overall design of the building. Joseph T Sepot Architects announced that Stony Creek Brewery was selected as the 2016 People's Choice Award recipient in the "Place in Which to Play" category by public voting through the AIA in Connecticut. You can find out more on the Joseph T Sepot Architects website.