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Northern Middlesex County YMCA Cogeneration Installation

YMCA Middlesex Cogeneration System

Controlled Air, Inc. furnished and installed a Tecogen CM-75 Cogeneration system with a hospital grade silencer and power exhaust ventilator at the Middlesex YMCA. The projections were as follows: 2.05 year Return On Investment (ROI) Yearly Savings of 624,150 kWh Approximate Annual Energy savings of $146,147.35 Cogeneration would produce 3.76 Billion BTU’s of heat, and…

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory

We designed and installed a Cogeneration system with four 65 kW Capstone Micro Turbines to provide both heating and electrical to offset the buildings energy requirements. This Combined Heat and Power system has a heat recovery piping system that connects the micro turbines to the building’s heating system indoors and electrical wiring to connect to…

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Soundview YMCA

The New Soundview YMCA will be a great addition to the Branford community offering 2 pools, cardio, weights, teen center, and aerobics. They will have a high energy demand in order to heat 2 pools 24 hours per day, as well as hot water for showers, and running a dehumidifier. Controlled Air is installing a…

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CHP or Cogeneration

Cogeneration also called CHP or combined Heat and Power is an integrated energy system that can create heat as well as electricity. It is extremely energy efficient and has a high Return-On-Investment. There are also some wonderful tax incentives out there, as well as a few low interest loans & grants. We have spoken about…

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