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The Importance of High Efficiency Boiler Maintenance

Even new high efficiency boilers need maintenance. Many would think that if you have brand new equipment that you have a few years to wait until maintenance is required. Unfortunately, that is not the case, especially with high efficiency boilers. Here is an example: Last winter we received a call for service due to no…

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Consequences of Ignoring HVAC Maintenance

Castle Rock Condominiums Roof Top Change Out

It is easy to ignore RTU’s when you can’t see them, especially if they aren’t making any noise, leaking or producing foul smells. But out of sight should not mean out of mind. RTU’s need regular system maintenance to function at peak efficiency. The roof exposes your unit to extreme weather. It is colder and/or…

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Heating Emergency at American Steakhouse

When American Steakhouse in Norwalk had a rooftop unit heater malfunction. They had a dining room full of customers that was getting colder by the minute. They called Controlled Air for help. Our technicians found the unit non-repairable. We located a stock unit and had the heat back in a timely manner so they did…

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Service and Maintenance

Service contracts and preventative maintenance are very beneficial to your equipment and your piece of mind. The equipment that is covered under the contract will be kept cleaned and maintained to run at optimum efficiency. What is important to note is what equipment is covered under your specific contract and what equipment is not. You…

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Service Recommendations- Hydronic Water Cleaning

Controlled Air highly recommends the cleaning of a hydronic system to provide the best heat transfer and longevity of any closed loop boiler system. A closed loop system is a system that holds water under pressure and continually re-circulates that water. The pH of the water should always be tested to prevent the effects of…

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Benefits of Having a HVAC Service Contract

Benefits of Having a HVAC Service Contract Service contracts can be overlooked if they do not seem to be immediately necessary, but the savings they can have for your business can be truly beneficial. Very large facilities and manufacturers often have service contract for their heating and cooling, because any down time could be truly…

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We continually hear about carbon monoxide detectors for our homes, but what about at our businesses? Regardless if you have gas, oil or wood/coal, it might be a good idea to have one. Even with high-efficiency furnaces and boilers, if the combustion air intake should get blocked you could produce carbon monoxide. It might be…

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