55 Farmington Ave., Hartford

55 Farmington Ave. began as a basic, but large project with a tenant fit out and rehabilitation for a state owned 12-story building. The building was being renovated for 10 state agencies to relocate. There were major time constraints on this project, which began in December, and needed to be completed by June 1.

We were lead for all trades on this project including: heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and controls. As the project began more work was added, while keeping to the original time schedule. The project was further complicated by the requirement for cleanliness. The building was fully furnished, requiring us to work around the furniture while keeping it clean, dust free, and undamaged.

Throughout this project we provided innovative engineering to save time and money. Our innovation allowed us to stay on time and on budget.

Installations included a Data Room System with a continuous, uninterrupted Liebert 24 hour system with redundancy and triple back-ups. Another installation was for the headquarters of 911 dispatch with a proprietary uninterrupted heating and cooling system.

The controls upgrades were added mid project. We replaced the existing pneumatic building controls with Direct Digital Controls from Johnson Controls. These controls will allow for communication between all the zones, air handlers, and the hot and chilled water plants to precisely condition each floor. Unlike the existing system, the DDC control system will be fully programmable and each zone will be programmed so that the HVAC is only in occupied mode when the space is in use. We are current assisting them program all the controls for each individual office based on each tenants individual needs. By implementing a DDC control system 179,259 kWh and 9,882 CCF will be saved annually. At Connecticut’s average utility rates of $0.1757/kWh and $1.245/CCF this amounts to $43,820 in annual savings.