The Elm City Bioscience Center

Controlled Air Inc. provided mechanical design build support to the Elm City Bioscience building infrastructure upgrades located in New Haven. The bioscience building is 113,620 sq ft which includes 8 stories plus a lower level and mechanical penthouse.  The project will be on-going with multiple floors being converted from smaller office spaces to larger open lab space and smaller office areas.

The completed work includes Lab/office suites for BSL-1 and BSL-2 biotech companies. The lab spaces required a minimum of 8 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) of 100% outdoor air, no more than 60% Relative humidity and N+1 redundancy for exhaust. Additionally, two new boilers were installed with 5,000 MBH total capacity.

Controlled Air Inc. installed a Yanmar GHP Heat Recovery System for comfort cooling in the offices and supplemental cooling in labs. One 14-Ton GHP with Heat Recovery was installed for each office suite.

A new Johnson Controls building management system was installed to control and monitor the HVAC system, as well as trend energy usage by each tenant.

More information will be coming as this energy efficient project progresses.