Energy Efficient Financing Available

Controlled Air is now an approved contractor of the National Energy Improvement Fund. The National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is a mission-based lender offering financing for improvements that make businesses resilient and energy efficient. The financing is available to businesses, non-profits, and municipalities.  Controlled Air chose NEIF to work with, as they are third-party certified as a B-Corporation. Certified B Corps™ are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. NEIF was formed in 2017 as a non-bank financial institution and works with Energize Connecticut Energy Efficiency Business Programs.

Covered Energy Efficient Equipment Includes:

  1. Lighting & Controls
  2. HVAC & refrigeration
  3. Battery Storage & EV Charging
  4. Solar & Solar Thermal
  5. Indoor Air Quality
  6. Plumbing & Water Efficiency Equipment
  7. Some Non-efficiency equipment is covered on a case-by-case basis.

100% financing is available with no money down.

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Ask for a financing proposal or go online at:
  2. Apply for financing
  3. Receive notification of approval, sign contract and then installation can begin.

Project Costs: $2000 and up
Typical Terms: 1-7 Years
Typical Fixed Rates:

8-13% Commercial & Non-Profit

4-7% - Municipal

Timing: Instant online financial portal creation, approval typically in 1-2 business days, and final funding typically within 2 business days after project completion.

If you are interested in financing, you can apply directly here:





Or feel free to reach out to any of our sales engineers for additional information.