Cell Tower Upgrades for Verizon

We are providing air conditioning replacements and upgrades to remote based cell sites all over Connecticut. Many of these replacements are custom design build to fit specific locations such as basements, roofs or in the middle of an office building.

We are removing old R-22 unit and replacing them with 410A more environmentally friendly units. As well as replacing the Leed Lag controller for the redundant system and alarm with the latest technology.

We performed generator replacements:

  • to increase oil tank capacity
  • revise sheet metal for cooling of generator
  • removeable and replacement for exhaust and oil piping
  • coordinate custom stainless pans for environmental containment for oil or diesel fired machines.

The custom rooms for the cell sites require triple redundancy, emergency cooling, hydrogen detection and alarming for the battery backup system. It is required that all cell sites have uninterrupted battery systems.