globele Executive Energy Summit

Energy Summit April 2018

On January 25, 2018, Vin Chiocchio joined with globelé Energy for the Executive Energy Summit. In this three hour long event 4 speakers in the energy field spoke about a variety of topics to educate about energy efficiency for commercial buildings.

The Executive Energy Summit was prepared especially for executive management professionals to assist in their understanding of energy as it applies to their company both in process and to the building.  As well as helped educate in the implementation of an energy plan.
The Summit topics Included:
  1. Energy Compliance Laws for Building Owners and Ratepayers
  2. Understanding Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Generation Methods
  3. The Economics of Energy and How to Capture all Available Money
  4. Options for Financing Energy Measures
  5. Understanding the Pricing of Electricity and Natural Gas Supply
  6. Understanding your Energy Bill and the Impact of Stabilizing Demand
  7. The Corporate Communication Process to Best Manage Energy Costs

Speakers Include:

  1. Vincent Chiocchio, President of Controlled Air, Inc., discussing energy efficiency and energy generation.
  2. Elena Cahill, JD, CEM, BEP, globelé Energy, discusses economics of energy, financing and more.
  3. Alex Discepolo, CPA, covering the new tax changes as they relate to both energy conservation and generation.
  4. Kristilee Lahaye, CEP (certified energy procurement specialist), covering electricity and natural gas markets.

In case you missed the first event,
a second Executive Energy Summit is being held
Thursday, April 26, 9:00 AM.
For more information or to register go to:

Watch a clip from the event to see what you missed: