River Road, Shelton

The River Road project is a new construction office complex. They wanted to provide comfort, efficiency and temperature management to all office locations. It was a custom design build project in which Controlled Air, Inc. performed all calculations and engineering required. We installed a VRF system  with variable speed  compressors for heating and cooling on demand with heat recovery. Heat Recovery allows the system to capture heat from warms rooms and rather than expelling it outside, than transfer that warmth to a cool room that requires heating. Unlike a traditional heat pump that only moves heat one way, a Lennox VRF heat recovery system is able to operate indoor units in both heating and cooling modes simultaneously.

The variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery system serves the parking level, ground floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor. The installed system includes 10 VRF Heat Recovery outdoor condenser units; 34 Med Static ducted indoor units;  and 108 indoor Cassettes varying in size between 2x2 and 3x3 with a compact 360-degree airflow design for uniform air distribution.

Additionally we installed two (2) Aaon RN 25 rooftop units with heat wheel defrost, digital compressor, high turndown natural gas heat section with stainless steel heat exchanger, variable speed condenser fans with head pressure control, modulating hot gas reheat and nonfused disconnect switch. The AAON units supply the required fresh air to the indoor VRF units and recovers the energy from the exhaust air.

Our in house controls department will install a  Johnson Controls system with a FX-80 web-based user interface supervisory front-end controller. The system will control the two AAON rooftop dedicated outdoor air units and monitor the temperature in the areas served by the four ductless splits. Additionally the BMS will monitor the VRF system, and act as a gateway for remote connection, monitoring and trouble shooting.