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Castle Rock Condominiums

Castle Rock Condominiums Roof Top Change Out

The Castle Rock Condominium project will be done in two phases. There are a total of 45 roof tops units that require replacement. We recently replaced 23 and will complete the change out process later in November. The project includes disconnection, removal of 45 old out dated RTU’s and installation of new units with 2-stages…

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Endoscopy Center

The Endoscopy Center, Hamden CT

The Endoscopy Center was a large job with a very quick turn-around. A project of this size would typically take 3-4 weeks to complete but because of the requirements of the center we had to have the job complete within one week. The project included demolition of older ductwork; installation of  three Aaon units with…

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Cell Tower Upgrades for Verizon

Verizon Cell Tower Upgrades

We are providing air conditioning replacements and upgrades to remote based cell sites all over Connecticut. Many of these replacements are custom design build to fit specific locations such as basements, roofs or in the middle of an office building. We are removing old R-22 unit and replacing them with 410A more environmentally friendly units.…

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Preparing For Storm Season

Hurricane Straps/Clips Hurricane straps are designed to secure a rooftop unit to a roof curb. By doing this, the rooftop unit is more likely to withstand high wind gusts, thereby reducing the chance of the unit separating from the roof curb and causing damage to other equipment, people or the building itself.   The strap/clip…

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Kerite, Seymour installation of new RTU installation

Controlled Air, Inc. removed six old 25-ton rooftop units. Six new, high efficiency Carrier 25-ton units which were installed, as well as smoke detectors, control wiring, and condensate drain piping. The new units fit in the locations of the old units perfectly, so no adapter curbs were required. Overall a simple roof top unit replacement.…

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New England Air Museum

New England Air Museum Air Conditioning

New England Air Museum has been a customer of Controlled Air, Inc. for a few years now. In this latest project, we added air conditioning to two buildings where airplanes are displayed. What was special about this project is they did not want the units blocking the displays or impacting the viewer. Units that would…

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PCC Structurals, Groton

PCC Structurals

PCC Structurals Wax Room Chiller – An aging process chiller put the production capabilities of PCC Structurals at risk so they turned to Controlled Air, Inc. to design and build a new process cooling system. Controlled Air, Inc. recommended installing a new chiller on the roof so a steel support system was designed and installed.…

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Stony Creek Brewery

Stony Creek Brewery, Branford CT

Stony Creek Brewery was new construction. We worked in combination with Pat Munger Construction and Joseph T Sepot Architects. Controlled Air, Inc. installed 3 gas/electric roof top units with curbs and economizers, 4 ignition gas fired heaters, dampers, one split system, electric baseboard heating, duct work distribution system, piping, controls and controls wiring. What was…

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Bridgeport Microgrid

Bridgeport Microgrid

Bridgeport Microgrid is a partnership between OR&L Construction in Branford, Controlled Air and Power Island Energy in Jacksonville, Fla. Controlled Air, Inc. will be in charge of the design build concept. This includes the design and installation of the Congeneration System, chilled water system, controls system, underground piping, and thermal loop for both chilled and…

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Knotter Drive

The Knotter office building required a complete rebuild. The front entry needed to be redesigned because they had taken over the whole building and previously there had been multiple companies within the space. The heating and cooling was a challenge because the entryway was made mostly of glass, making so traditional heating and cooling could…

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Bethel Library

Bethel Library Building Controls

In the Bethel Library we completed a second floor tenet fit out. We installed an entire building controls system which included lighting, and air handlers. Their existing heating and lighting system was either continuously on or continuously off. Their system was wasting both money and energy. In the new controls system, sensors register room occupancy so that…

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Augustana Homes

Augustana Homes Boiler Replacement

Augustana Homes required a hot water and domestic, heating boiler replacement. New pumps throughout. New boiler plant and new controls. A New chimney flue  for a 10 story pipe. They received no incentives this time, but still chose a high efficiency boilers See Our Entire Client Showcase Our Specialties Service & Maintenance Contracts Cogeneration &…

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