Holly Hill Office Space

Holly Hill Office Building had an Old Baltimore ejector tower. The tower had no fans and only a high-pressure pump leading it to be inefficient and expensive to run. The new cooling tower was taller than the old tower, so before installation we had to present to Planning and Zoning proving that the new tower could not be viewed by the street. We created technical diagrams showing the field of view proving that the unit could not be observed from street view. When we removed the old tower we found that the posts underneath were rotting and about to collapse. Water had leaked into the posts and created rot. The rot was not viewable during the initial inspection because tar and roof materials were covering the posts. We had new custom posts built and installed the same day. The new tower was an Evapco cooling tower controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD). The replacement was completed within one day because the building was occupied by medical professionals.