Bloom Energy

Fuel Cells

Bloom Energy offers multiple solutions for customers to function both efficiently and during outages. Based on our proprietary solid oxide fuel cell technology, Bloom Energy Servers convert fuel into electricity through an electrochemical process without combustion at the highest efficiency of any power solution available in the world today. Designed for modularity‚ÄĒsimilar to a building block, any number of their systems can be put together in various configurations to form solutions from hundreds of kilowatts to many tens of megawatts. Each Energy Server produces 200 to 300 kilowatts of power in a footprint roughly equivalent to that of half a standard 30-foot shipping container.

Controlled Air Inc, is currently working with Bloom Energy to offer their fuel cell solutions to our customers. During our energy audits we will consider all possible options to find the best solution for your building.

We will be add more information about Bloom Energy soon, but if you think they might be a good option for your building you can download the informational sheet below.

Bloom Mission Ciritial Overview

Bloom Energy Microgrid Overview

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