Castle Rock Condominiums

The Castle Rock Condominium project will be done in two phases. There are a total of 45 roof tops units that require replacement. We recently replaced 23 and will complete the change out process later in November.

The project includes disconnection, removal of 45 old out dated RTU’s and installation of new units with 2-stages of heating and cooling with multi-speed blowers.

Although the project had a relatively simple scope of work, it is still worth noting that the condos were occupied during the change out, making the work time sensitive. Also being a condo complex the parking lot added complications for the crane. It was more difficult to maneuver around cars, the shape of the parking lot also creating difficulty, as well as accessing condos located farther from the lot.

We also furnished and installed adapter curbs, steel gas piping, gas regulators and condensate drains, as well as 42 wired 2-stage thermostats and one wireless thermostat.

As with all of our projects it included set-up, testing and a one-year warranty on supplied materials and workmanship.