Pharmaceutical Laboratory

We designed and installed a Cogeneration system with four 65 kW Capstone Micro Turbines to provide both heating and electrical to offset the buildings energy requirements. This Combined Heat and Power system has a heat recovery piping system that connects the micro turbines to the building's heating system indoors and electrical wiring to connect to the buildings main distribution system. We provided a multiple pump scenario with a plate and frame heat exchanger to connect to the building's hot water heating system with a BTU meter to measure output. The pumps have Variable Frequency Drives to further increase operating efficiency. The whole system is interfaced with Johnson Controls Metasys that can operate and manage the heat exchanger, hot water system, pumps and interconnects to the micro turbine system. The system has an approximate 2 year ROI using available incentives and calculated energy savings. The micro turbines will produce the equivalent heat and electricity to service more than 143 average homes annually. It will also reduce emissions equivalent to 150 acres of trees and equal to the elimination of 73 cars.