Benefits of Having a HVAC Service Contract

Benefits of Having a HVAC Service Contract

Service contracts can be overlooked if they do not seem to be immediately necessary, but the savings they can have for your business can be truly beneficial. Very large facilities and manufacturers often have service contract for their heating and cooling, because any down time could be truly detrimental to their business. But what about for smaller businesses? Downtime in your heating and cooling can also make an impact on your business. If you have any type of customer base such as in a retail store, having no heat or cooling and quickly lead to customers venturing else where. Even if you have no customers, uncomfortable employees leads to less productions. Service contracts can help reduce this downtime by providing scheduled maintenance, computer monitoring, and quicker response times. Different types of contracts can offer different forms of services.

Planned Maintenance contracts provide all of the preventive maintenance needed for the your HVAC and temperature control equipment. Repairs are billed on a time and material basis. The biggest advantage is that rates are lower and you have priority to those without a contract.

A Labor Maintenance Agreement is the same as the PM contract except it includes and labor needed to make repairs. You will only be billed for the parts that you receive.

A Full Maintenance contract provides, preventive maintenance, and labor and materials needed for repairs.

Depending on your business one contract may be more beneficial over another. Each contract is further tailored to your individual needs so you are never getting charged for work that you do not need.

It may not seem as if your small business needs a service contract but when you weigh in the reduced rates and priority service, leaving less down time, there is simply no reason why not to have one. For more information about Controlled Air