Castle Rock Condominiums

Castle Rock Condominiums Roof Top Change Out

The Castle Rock Condominium project will be done in two phases. There are a total of 45 roof tops units that require replacement. We recently replaced 23 and will complete the change out process later in November. The project includes disconnection, removal of 45 old out dated RTU’s and installation of new units with 2-stages…

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Augustana Homes

Augustana Homes Boiler Replacement

Augustana Homes required a hot water and domestic, heating boiler replacement. New pumps throughout. New boiler plant and new controls. A New chimney flue  for a 10 story pipe. They received no incentives this time, but still chose a high efficiency boilers See Our Entire Client Showcase Our Specialties Service & Maintenance Contracts Cogeneration &…

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Dwight Street RTU Replacement

Controlled Air at 55 Dwight St RTU Installation

Customer had the existing RTU go down. Competing contractors were quoting units that required duct modifications, which drastically increased the price. We found a new Carrier unit in Stratford, that required no modifications and was a direct replacement for their old unit. Duct, gas and electrical connections all lined up perfectly. We got their cooling working again in…

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Leeway House

Leeway House, RTU Installation

Leeway house had several defective rooftop units and had elevated energy costs. We installed 13 new high efficiency American Standard Rooftop heating and cooling units with economizers and dual enthalpy controllers. We also installed BACnet controls within the units and an energy management system allowing the entire system to be controlled from the facilities manager’s…

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