The Children’s Community School

Controlled Air, Inc. partnered with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, through their community outreach program, to install a security system at the Children’s Community School in Waterbury. The school was concerned with safety of their students, they had an on-going struggle with security issues happening both during and after school hours.

We installed a Johnson Controls card access system in conjunction with 16 cameras, DVR, and internet and phone access.

The system has already helped to apprehend individuals speeding through the school parking lot during school hours narrowly missing students. It has also helped to identify those involved in disagreements amongst groups of students.

During the installation process a kindergartner noticed our service technician, Rich Messner, up on the roof working. The student asked his teacher if Rich was Bob the Builder.  The teacher replied, “Maybe you should ask.”  The student waited patiently until Rich came down from the roof then shyly approached him and asked, “Are you Bob the Builder?”  Rich replied, “Yes, I am.” The student was very excited to have met one of his idols in person.

More than 20% of the project cost was donated by us at Controlled Air, Inc.