International Women in Engineering Day

  1. How or why did you choose engineering as a career path/area of study?
    1. Math and science were always my best subjects. In Highschool I took one CAD class my freshman year and loved it and my CAD teacher encouraged me to sign up for all his CAD and tech ed elective which is where I learned that I enjoyed designing, building, and learning how things worked. Having a teacher that encouraged me to go down the engineering path really gave me a good idea of what I wanted to do when it came to picking a major and applying to colleges.
  2. What is your engineering degree’s focus?
    1. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Central Connecticut State University with a general concentration and a mathematics minor.
  3. Where did you go to school?
    1. I went to Gateway Community College for 2 years and received my CAD certificate. Then I transferred to CCSU and got my Bachelors in mechanical engineering.
  4. What would you say to girls in school/college who may be considering Engineering as a career choice/study option?
    1. I would say that engineering is a good career choice/study option if you are good at problem solving and coming up with creative solutions. You gain a sense of accomplishment being able to physically see something that you designed be integrated into the real world.
    2. Engineering is a great career choice; the world will always need engineers! Find people in different industries and ask real world questions to figure out what you want to concentrate your studies in. Having a mentor makes all the difference.
  5. Anything else you want to add about being an engineer in a male dominated field.
    1. Don’t let the stigma deter you from what you want to do. Find a mentor, learn from them, and get involved in the industry. Network, join professional organizations, and don’t be afraid you use your voice.