Update on R-22 Refrigerant

99_9_R22_RefrigerantThe EPA has finally signed the 2012-2014 (yes a little late since it is already 2013) allocation rule for R-22, which dictates how much can be imported and produced.

Here are the figures:
2012  55 mil lbs, 38% reduction
2013  63 mil lbs, 21% reduction
2014  50 mil lbs, 18% reduction

The amounts allocated are higher then originally dictated in 2009, but the price for R-22 continues to rise. One of our suppliers for refrigerant told us there is no shortage of R-22, only that people are holding on to it to drive up the price! Unfortunately as it gets closer to 2020 when R-22 is to be phased out the price will continue to climb.

The EPA will will now begin drafting the 2015-2019 allocations from 50 millions pounds to 0 pounds in 2020.

If you are running old or outdated equipment it is a good time to start planning to replace the equipment with new energy efficient models that use refrigerant other than R-22. With the rebates and incentives available and the money saved on energy it will help make the new equipment more afforable.