Leasing HVAC Equipment

Sometimes HVAC equipment breaks down at the least opportune times. It is never a good time to have your heating or air conditioning equipment fail, but there are some opportunities out there that can help make new equipment affordable. First of all, if you are upgrading from older inefficient equipment there are rebates and incentives through CT Clean Energy to help you pay for new energy efficient equipment and its installation. Secondly, it is possible to lease equipment. Specialty equipment leasing companies offer affordable monthly payments. Leasing can allow for flexibility and the ability to install higher end equipment. Lease payments can be a tax deduction and have fixed rates for varying amounts of time depending on what works best for you. At the end of your lease term you can purchase the equipment for as little as a dollar or choose to upgrade to new equipment. This would allow you to always have the most up to date and energy efficient equipment available.

There is no obligation to lease, but you can call us to get more information and find out if leasing is a good option for you. Contact us to find out more information. 800-840-9101.