The Importance of Coil Cleaning

Did you forget something?

Everyday we rush around trying to accomplish things on our schedule. There are many devices that help us from an old fashion list to smart phones. The purpose is that we get the important things done and the fun things always seem to be remembered without much help.

Here is one very important item that should be added to your schedule: Clean the condenser coil on your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning is usually thought of the first hot day of the year, turned on and forgotten about. Like other mechanical devices, your air conditioner needs help to run properly, and efficiently. The most efficient way to run your air conditioning is with clean coils. A clean inside coil can absorb the more heat from the air, and the outside coil needs to be clean to reject that heat, avoid compressor damage, and extend the life of the unit. It starts with a visual check, but don’t be fooled but the lack of surface buildup. By the time you see the buildup on the outside of the coil, the fins of the coil are full.

Controlled Air recommends regular cleaning of the coils and filter changes. New filters help keep the inside coil clean but the outside coil still needs to be washed. We can provide the correct means to clean the different types of condenser coils.

Please add coil cleaning to your yearly service and maintenance plan. Call 203-481-3531 and we’ll be there to help your equipment to run more efficiently.

Dave Eger HVAC Support Manager